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The eastern U.S. has been hit with 7 hurricanes since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.These hurricanes have caused damage to tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of boats of all types and sizes. Most of these boats have been repaired and put back on the market. Also, even without hurricanes, floods and fires, many boats are damaged or sunk every year resulting in thousands of losses and repairs to vessels every year

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       MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – Buying a pre-owned powerboat, sailboat or yacht is about to get a lot easier.  Offering reliable Boat History Reports online, enables potential consumers to uncover any hidden or previously unreported problems on all pre-owned watercraft. 
       Founded in 2005, provides extensive reports that include background information on previous hurricane damage, accidents, fires or collisions.  In addition to an in-depth warranty and recall check, these all-inclusive reports will even provide information on watercraft that have been previously run aground, submerged or seized. 
       “This brand new service really enables potential buyers to protect themselves because they now have access to information that was previously unavailable to them,” says Grant Brooks, president of  “It really offers consumers the ability to make a smart decision.”
       Using a boat’s unique HIN (Hull Identification Number), is able to instantly develop a detailed report that outlines the entire history of the individual watercraft. relies on extensive nationwide databases that contain information from both public and private sources in all fifty states.  These databases are constantly expanded and updated. also offers the “Certified Dealer/Broker Program” which allows boat dealers and brokers to purchase reports when buying pre-owned watercraft for resale. 
       “These reports provide dealers and brokers with a valuable resource because it enables them to make a smart investment decision when purchasing boats on trade-in,” says Brooks.  “They can also rely on these reports as a sales tool to build consumer confidence because they provide third-party objectivity to potential customers.”
       Consumers can obtain a single Boat History Report for just $34.99. An unlimited report option (for thirty days) is also available for $44.99.

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